Christmas ended, good feelings remain

As usual, our Christmas was a quiet one. Up, walk dogs, eat, open gifts. Watch A Christmas Story. Then just hang out, nap, whatever.

TYG is a pathogen-nerd so I’ve been getting her books on disease for several years (“I gave my wife syphilis for Christmas!” ROFL). This year it was malaria. Plus a couple of non-disease books she asked for, some bath salts and bath bombs and clips for open bags of food (we’ve only got one, and it’s broken, so she asked for more as a stocking stuffer). While I often make her a dessert, she’s trying to eat healthier so we skipped that bit.

I got, as usual, assorted gift cards from various relatives. From TYG I got two movies on my Amazon list, The Girl on the Bridge (which I watched that afternoon) and a new release of Yellow Submarine. I also got some mason jars for the kitchen (they now hold honey and hot-chocolate mix), McVittie’s chocolate digestive biscuits (mmmm) and a trip to a local store to restock my tea jars. And an iTunes gift card, which went on Pat Benatar, Bye, Bye Birdie and part of a Mount Moriah album.

Wednesday we squeezed out one last bit of Christmas cheer, attending TYG’s alumni holiday party. Excellent food, good conversation and a fun time. And I was able to use up some of the beer we bought but didn’t use for the writer’s group Christmas party by bringing it with us.

I love Christmas.

#SFWApro. Photo is mine, please credit if you use it.

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