Defend the Kavanaugh!

As you’ve undoubtedly heard by now, more Kavanaugh accusers have come forward. Never fear, Trump toady and professional liar KellyAnne Conway: it’s a left-wing conspiracy. There are no allegations of Kavanaugh being a predator as an adult, are there? Which would be a fair point — maybe he did get his shit together — but we have multiple accounts saying he drunk heavily as a teen and treated women like crap. And rather than say “yes, I did that, but I’m not that guy,” Kavanaugh has lied under oath that he was a complete choirboy or maybe a choirboy who drank a little.

Will the Senate now drop him as it should? I don’t know. As I said previously, the Republican base wants Trump to crush the liberals and backing off doesn’t deliver. Trump himself is unsurprisingly supporting his fellow sexual assailant. Some Republicans still buy into “what boy hasn’t done this in high school?” Or that Ford didn’t fight him off hard enough so it’s not rape. Rep. Steve King goes with the line Ford’s rape charges are impossible to disprove, so it’s not fair — how can any man get on the Supreme Court if a woman can just cry rape? As LGM puts it, this makes sense by the right-wing standard that it’s better to let 1,000 rapists go free than believe one false allegation. But then, conservatives have never grasped that consent matters.

A high-school student says she finds the right-wing message that teenage rape shouldn’t hurt your career absolutely terrifying. More on the culture that spawns Kavanaughs.

In a post from a couple of weeks back, Dahlia Lithwick says it was inevitable the system would be weaponized against Ford.

Right-winger Tony Perkins says as a Christian he values the truth — and the truth is, Kavanaugh’s being persecuted!

An investigator points out that judging conflicting testimony from different witnesses isn’t unusual or unfair.

In a really bizarre attempt, conservative Josh Bernstein explains that Ford actually hit on Kavanaugh, then accused him for rejecting her. That’s a really bizarre line of defense as Kavanaugh has never claimed anything of the sort. I presume it’s another case of the Anti-Kitten Burners syndrome — people who don’t want to feel guilty for supporting Trump’s pick can tell themselves that they’re actually fighting a lying bitch! They’re the good guys!

Or maybe he reflects Dave Daubenmire’s view that women who don’t put out are committing sexual abuse (“how about all the times when you were a teenage [boy] and some girl … led you on and led you on and then, all of a sudden, pulled the plug? Every guy that has blood flowing through his body had that happen. Isn’t that sexual abuse as well?”).

And Camestros Felapton explains that no, rape cases that did not go to trial are not evidence of lots of false rape claims. Take that Chris McDaniel.

In other rape- and abuse-related news:

Kavanaugh isn’t the only sexist claiming he’s the real victim.

Designing Women-creator writes about how alleged sexual predator and CBS top dog Lester Moonvees kept her from launching new shows.

A Houston doctor raped an unconscious patient. He won’t do any jail time.

Bill Cosby’s going to spend at least three years in jail. His lawyers explains the verdict is part of the same war on men as Brett Kavanaugh’s accusers.

The fashion world’s bosses aren’t interested in #metoo.

Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison’s ex girlfriend says he was physically abusive.

A man rapes a five-year-old and gets house arrest. For 90 days.

Alleged sexual harasser Bill O’Reilly sticks up for Kavanaugh.

A pissed-off incel blames his mother for ruining his life: she gave birth to him! Nope, not kidding.

Image from Munch’s The Scream, all rights remain with current holder.


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