Brett Kavanaugh is nothing like Emmett Till

Forced birther Ryan Bomberger recently compared Kavanaugh’s plight to Emmett Till: both falsely accused of a crime of harassment, both lynched. One of my FB friends actually flung “Remember Emmett Till” at me during an argument (she’s pro-Kavanaugh), so I’m going to take a second and explain why it’s bullshit. And why the claims he’s entitled to due process — innocent until proven guilty — are bullshit too.

Emmett Till said “bye baby” to a white woman, Carolyn Bryant (during the trial of his killers, she lied he’d physically assaulted her). Her husband and father brutally murdered Till. The jury found them not guilty. Till was lynched.

Kavanaugh isn’t being lynched. On the contrary, he’s getting a full legal hearing. And he’s not being denied due process: the Senate isn’t a courtroom and the standards for vetting judges are not “innocent until proven guilty.” The standard is “do we want this guy on the Supreme Court?” Considering allegations of rape is certainly legitimate, ditto questions about Kavanaugh’s finances, his judgment, his temperament and how he’ll vote. Whether or not anyone believes Ford, Kavanaugh’s getting a fair hearing.

And where Till paid with his life, the worst Kavanaugh’s going to suffer is not getting on the Supreme Court. He’ll still have his federal judgeship for the rest of his career.

While I’m used to desperate attempts by white male conservatives to insist they’re the truly oppressed ones, I can’t recall them sinking lower than this. But hey, the hearings aren’t over yet.

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