Conservatives still don’t understand consent, or rape, or pretty much anything.

As witness right-wing bullshit artist Jerome Corsi claiming that the Catholic pedophilia scandal proves the current Pope is pro-gay. Because of course covering up for the rape of children is exactly the same as supporting adult consensual gay sex (Corsi’s not unique — when the scandal originally broke, several pundits claimed the real issue was gay priests, not pedophilia).

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos thinks it’s possible false rape accusations outnumber real rape cases. Same old, same old. Though it’s telling that the subhead on the story describes DeVos as “fumbling” the interview, as if she just misspoke. Given her concern for alleged rapists on college campuses, I doubt she fumbled at all.

A murderer claims he was driven to kill by being incel. And some incels argue rape is a valid mating strategy because they can’t get laid any other way (the idea rape just reflects men’s genetic drive to spread their seed is not unique to them).

Ezra Klein points out that the now-infamous anti-Trump editorial supports Trump’s policies, just not Trump. Which is another reminder the real problem is Republicans. Same point, made differently. Roy Edroso suggests the real agenda is so the anonymous writer can emerge unscathed after Trump leaves office. McSweeney’s mocks the op-ed beautifully.

Democratic left-winger Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has gotten some facts wrong, which supposedly proves she’s not ready for prime time. That’s not the standard the media apply to Paul Ryan.

The Roberts Court is the 19th Century pro-segregation Supreme Court all over again. And Trump’s chosen Supreme may be a perjurer; he’s definitely conservative, despite Republicans doing their best to cover that up.

Pedophilia isn’t the only thing the Catholic Church may be covering up

Another example of conservative Christians fantasizing they’re an oppressed minority: the belief California is going to ban the Bible.

David Barton simultaneously believes it’s okay for Christians to support Trump because of his policies, and that “the end justifies the means” is an unGodly attitude. But of course, the people he thinks have that attitude are the imaginary left-wingers committing voting fraud to win.

Now that the FCC has killed net neutrality, wireless carriers are busy throttling.

And the Justice Department is busy trying to gum up the North Carolina elections.

Ted Cruz’s family came from Cuba. Yet he finds it amusing his supporters tell his opponent in the Senate race go back to Ireland.

Republicans claim liberals are the uncivil ones, but they’re the ones punishing Nike for daring to use Colin Kaepernicke in an ad. But even Chuck Schumer loves some reactionary centrism.

Southern Baptist Pastor John McArthur thinks social justice is evil.

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