Strange Economics: it’s a good anthology to be in

I’ve been in multiple anthologies, as you can find out from my published fiction page. I’ve read them all, and most of them were excellent. Happily STRANGE ECONOMICS: Economic Speculative Fiction is another good one.

In addition to The Grass Is Always Greener, the book includes more than 20 added short stories. There’s also an excellent essay at the end on economics as a form of specfic, written by Jo Lindsay Walton (before you ask, although she’s a British SF writer, she’s not the same as the Jo Walton of Among Others). Among my favorites:

The Rule of Three by Steve Dubois. Can a small independent magic shop survive against a big, ruthless chain undercutting their magic prices?

The Slurm by M. James. An aspiring villains sets out to kill a monster, which is also providing a valuable product to local villages. This does a really funny job with the villain’s POV; it may be my favorite.

All Rights Reserved by Xauri’El Zwaan. Can a downloaded human consciousness stir up trouble in a digital corporate workspace?

The Short Soul by Jack Waddell. Can the residents of one netherworld stop Hell ruining them by cornering the market in souls?

The Price of Wool and Sunflowers by Samantha Rich looks at how a cabal of wizard economists keep the Empire’s balance of trade in the black. Probably my second favorite.

Some of the stories, like Rich’s, actually deal with economics. Others, like mine, are built around magical businesses or a trade in magical goods. We have SF and fantasy, happy endings and very not-happy, so it’s a good mix. I enjoyed reading it (I liked a lot more stories than I’m listing here) and I’m glad to be in it.

Now go buy a copy. Or two.

#SFWApro. Cover by Jonathan Maurin, all rights remain with current holder.

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