Random thoughts related to previous posts

First, a complaint. GoComics.com, which is where I read a lot of daily comic strips online recently redesigned. The way it now works, I go to the page for a given strip, and instead of seeing today’s strip, I have to click through further. It’s not a lot of time, it just annoys me.

A bigger problem is that I can’t get more than eight or nine strips read before the site cuts out. That’s very inconvenient — I’d much sooner work through my strips in one fell swoop than a bit at a time. It’s bad for them because I just settle for reading the ones I like best, then giving up.

Second, the struggle to use up all the herbs TYG is growing is not getting easier. I’m managing to find recipes, but now we have oregano coming up in addition to the sage and basil. This week, definitely some of it’s getting frozen. And I will invite one of our neighbors to take some extra — TYG has way more lettuce than she needs for salads now.

That said, here’s an illustration I didn’t use for my next Screen Rant, about embarrassing roles by Star Trek actors (Leonard Nimoy was in this one)

#SFWApro. All rights to image remain with current holder.

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