One challenge for this summer will be finding ways to use all the herbs TYG is growing outside.

So far we have basil, sage, rosemary, cilantro and fennel. Tomatoes and peppers but they’ll take a while to be ready.

Rosemary’s simple enough. I’ve been making rosemary roast potatoes every week since it grew. Last week I added rosemary herb bread. As TYG loves the roast potatoes that should take care of it.

Basil goes into lots of vegetarian dishes, so that’ll be simple enough. Next week it’ll be basil and mozzarella panini.

Sage is a little tougher. However I found a cornbread recipe with sage to go with chili next week. And the Penzey Spices website has lots of sage (and other herb and spice) recipes I can adapt. I’ve used enough of their recipes to know they’re a reliable source.

Cilantro? Haven’t found anything that grabs me (it’s not something I use as much as basil). Ditto fennel greens, as I don’t want to cut up the bulb yet.

The herbs are growing so fast, though, that I’ll probably have to freeze lots of them. No surprise: last time TYG made basil, I froze it with olive oil in small cups and ate pesto dishes for months. Fortunately we both like pesto. I may also ask if our neighbors can use some of the herbs for their own cooking.

I shall start freezing some rosemary and basil this weekend. There’s more than enough.

It’s a little extra work at times, but the results are worth it.

Photo of rosemary sourced from wikimedia. #SFWApro.


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