I haven’t done a writing links post in a while so let’s get those bookmarked pages going!

A Dungeons and Dragons designer says the monstrous mind-flayers see themselves as tragic figures because they once ruled a slave empire and they can’t get it back. At the link, a good argument why we shouldn’t think of them as tragic or sympathetic (my own thoughts on how villains see themselves are here).

An author who writes a “Cocky Brothers” series trademarked the word “cocky” and won’t allow other authors to use it in titles. When the issue went to court, she lost. More here.

A T-shirt maker trademarked the 150-year-old Plimsoll line for use on T-shirts. When they threatened to sue another company for using the mark, company B agreed.

Women’s health expert Dr. Drai filed to trademark that name. Dr. Dre sued to stop the mark. What happened next will shock you! (Or maybe not).

How copyright law currently blocks publication of unpublished works by great writers. Given how often I run into flawed arguments why copyright is bad, I had the novel experience of seeing the other extreme — lots of people in comments arguing copyright ought to be forever.

Kristine Kathryn Rusch hates agents. Jim Hines makes the case she’s wrong about them.

This Michelle Wolf skit is hysterical, but I can’t see it as a satire of “strong female characters.” It seems more like a take on the movie version of the career-obsessed women in so many rom-coms (she’s so busy she forgot to fall in love and she’ll die stressed out and alone!).

India loves Archie Comics.

Samantha Field’s response to Avengers: Infinity War: If you kill the one you love for power, you don’t love them.

Sorry, meat eaters enjoying tofu is not cultural appropriation.


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