The Republican Ponzi Scheme, speaking freely and court evangelicals

No More Mr. Nice Blog looks at the repeated Republican predictions they’ve finally got the goods on Hilary/Obama/Democrats — they’re going down and doin’ time! Only the dirt never pans out. NMMNB suggests we should think of it as a kind of ponzi scheme.As long as they keep promising a new conspiracy, a new big reveal they can keep the anger going.

Next, on free speech: a Fresno State English professor tweeted that the late Barbara Bush was a racist (for some of her comments about Katrina victims) and the mother of a war criminal (true, though I don’t think W’s actions are her fault). Fresno State ‘s president says that while the professor was speaking as a private citizen, she will be investigated. As LGM says at the link, don’t expect conservatives who say they’re outraged at liberals supposedly repressing free speech on campus to rise up and defend her. Free speech is only important there.

Right-winger Kevin Williamson, having been fired by the Atlantic for his views on abortion (women who get them should hang for murder), is now milking his status as a free-speech martyr, lynched by the Twitter mob. Although Williamson doubled down on his original tweet repeatedly and made it clear he stood by it, he’s now parroting the arguments many of his supporters made — liberals picked one off-hand comment and made it sound like he really meant it (much as Alex Jones is now insisting he shouldn’t be blamed for promoting Pizzagate and Sandy Hook)! Judging by his own words, he did; but for the moment there’s more fame in martyrdom.

Back at Williamson’s old home in National Review, everyonef is horrified that people think the recent Starbucks incident (a manager called the cops on two black men waiting without ordering for a third man to arrive), might think it has anything to do with racism. And OMG, the corporation apologized, and it’s giving staff diversity training! How oppressed those employees are!

Speaking of Starbucks, one black conservative mocking Starbucks for taking the issue seriously is a raving anti-Semite (who’s behind identity politics? The Jews!)

Now, “court evangelicals.” This is the term some people use for the conservative Christian pastors kneeling down to worship Trump in the hope he’ll give them a kingdom in this world. It compares them to the court prophets of the  Old Testament who told the bad kings of Israel whatever they wanted to hear (in contrast to the good prophets who called shitty kings out). Said court evangelicals are very very adamant that as a recent liberal evangelical gathering didn’t include them it’s obviously not worth discussing. How can you say these evangelicals represent anyone when they oppose great, god-chosen Trump! How dare they be “trying to steal the microphone from those who support Trump” (as described in one report) — as if the “microphone” of evangelical Christianity belongs to them.

Perhaps they do think that. Of course, Trumpites are hardly without a mike (just look at this guy), but if other people get to the mike too, that might undermine the court evangelicals efforts to paint Trump as the true Christian leader. It’s telling that while they’re concerned about the Stormy Daniels scandal, the concern is about how to convince evangelicals to ignore Trumps adultery and keep voting for him.

Perhaps it’s not surprising that millennials are dropping out of evangelism.

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