Some political links for your perusal

So the Atlantic, after learning that Kevin Williamson wants women who get abortions to hang, dropped him like a hot potato. Joining the right-wing freakout at that link, pundit Ben Domenech warns this is just another step in liberals’ crushing free speech (for reasons why it’s not, check either link). And here’s some rumination on why

Idaho gubernatorial candidate Bob Nonini agrees with Williamson that women who have abortions must die. But when pressed, he says he doesn’t actually want to put women to death, he just wants to scare them into not having abortions. So no big, right?

If Nohini and Williamson support an absolute abortion ban, does that mean they’re okay with a 14-year-old rape victim dying in pregnancy?

Roseanne Barr endorses a conspiracy theory that Trump is covertly smashing an international pedophile ring.

South Carolina’s legislature is debating whether to secede if the feds take guns from lawful gun-owners. I’m willing to bet that if the federal government banned minorities’ equal voting rights, we would not see the same level of outrage. And of course, since none of the proposals on the table or close to the table involve gun confiscations, it’s pretty much posturing anyway.

Ivanka Trump tried to convince Planned Parenthood to give up its abortion services because they’re “political.” PP didn’t, which was wise, as plenty of opponents hate birth control too.

Arkansas Libertarian Justin Jones thinks gays (not the term he used) are disgusting.

Ex-lesbian Lisa Miller kidnapped her daughter some years back (her partner won full custody after Miller refused to accept the visitation terms). Anti-gay activists want Trump to pardon Miller and everyone who helped her.

Unsurprisingly, many conservatives are outraged that George Washington University is conducting a discussion of Christian privilege.

Another look at how Megan McArdle succeeds at falling upwards.

The Supreme Court says a cop who shot a woman in her front yard can’t be sued by her family.

A former MS-13 member who helped the feds bust MS-13 is being deported for ever belonging to MS-13.

One of the right-wing charges against the Parkland students is that they could have stopped Nikolas Cruz’s rampage if they’d been nicer to him. A student answers: Wrong. Lance Manion looks at a Florida Republican who thinks the kids should just shut up and listen to their betters. Esquire points out child activism has a long history. Rod Dreher insists that liberals are once again shooting themselves in the head.

Trump’s claims the FBI are corrupt has become a terrorist defense tactic in court. More here.

Blake Rollins shot Jaelynn Riley, then shot himself. The NRA claims that because a security guard shot at Rollins, it’s a Good Man With a Gun Stopped a Bad Man. Never mind the guard didn’t stop Rollins or kill him.

So a right-winger assumes a bearded dark-skinned man is a terrorist based purely on appearance. Said conservative, John Guandolo, wants everyone to know that’s totally logical and not at all profiling.

Christopher Cantwell, the crying Nazi, claims that he’s only collaborating with the government to help the alt-right cause. Yes, I’m sure.

Slacktivist discusses how young-earth creationism leads to complete disbelief.

I generally have no use for right-winger Matt Walsh, but I’ll give him credit for calling out the Trump Is King David argument (David was a sinner, God used him; so obviously, no need for Christians to criticize Trump)

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