Goals for February: I’m pleased with myself

Seventy percent, which is good, especially considering I’m working my more personal projects around the Leaf work and my Screen Rants. The new Plot My Work journal I bought does seem to be helping. So is leaving email until late in the day, unless my phone shows me something urgent.

I redrafted No-One Can Save Her and got lots of work done on Questionable Minds and Impossible Takes a Little Longer. I did a review of Undead Sexist Cliches with notes on a couple of extra chapters I need (sexual harassment definitely deserves a section on itself) and various little details I want to add to some chapters. I pitched a column idea to the New York Times but as usual with big markets, I got nowhere. I’ll keep trying, though.

I discovered there were still two problems with Atlas Shagged, one major and one minor. The title on the cover has to match the title in the book (easy fix) and I just realized there’s no table of contents (slightly more complicated). I’ll attend to both those next month. I’d hoped to get started soliciting a cover for Atoms for Peace but that didn’t happen.

Oh, and I attended Mysticon, which was also on the goals list.

I’m disappointed I didn’t make my 1,000 words of fiction every work day, but not too disappointed — it was the right thing to do on the day in question.

My personal goals were a mix. I wanted to up the amount of vegetable and fruit-centric dishes I make, and did so. I did the allotted meditation time, but with very little focus — it’s all monkey mind lately. Though I did manage lots of moments of mindfulness, focusing on what I was doing. While I did exercise, either the weather or the time got in the way of me getting back on the bicycle. Next month, definitely!

So yeah, pleased with myself. Wish me luck keeping up the same level for March.

#SFWApro. Photo courtesy of pixabay. All rights remain with current holder.

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