The Florida school shooting, victim blaming and other topics

I never have much to write about tragedies like this. So I’ll just link.

Charles Pierce says Trump supporters know perfectly well that “nobody expects him to mean what he says, because that would mark you as a sap who believes that politics can be a constructive endeavor.” Got to say I don’t think this is so. Neither does No More Mr. Nice Blog.

Paul Campos reminds us that while shootings are up, overall murder rates are down. Whatever that signifies.

Apparently white nationalists who claimed the shooter as their own were lying.

Right-winger Ben Shapiro suffers from the delusion that old-school morality stopped sexual harassment. As explained at the link, wrong (and I make the same point here) And of course lots of traditional-values conservatives are still into blaming the victims.  Case in point, right-winger Sandy Rios supports accused spouse-beater Rob Porter — you can’t believe a word those lying sluts accusing men say, right? Of course the White House repeatedly contradicts its own claims about Porter but I bet Rios is okay with that. Other right wingers settle for blaming the whole thing on liberals and feminists. And that like Shapiro, this kind of thing wouldn’t happen if we went back to the Good Old Days.

Continuing with the victim-blaming, conservative pastor Kevin Swanson explains that the Larry Nassar scandal is what you can expect if you put a “red-blooded” male in the presence of a lot of women who are dressed immodestly. So Swanson thinks assaulting underage girls is natural for red-blooded men (a typical man-hating attitude on the right)? And he ignores that Nassar penetrated his victims with his fingers — that’s abusive but it’s not what most men do for sexual satisfaction. As for Swanson’s claim Nassar was caught because God wouldn’t tolerate him — er, why did God put up with him for the previous twenty years, then?

There’s a theory Trump can’t be blackmailed because nothing shames him. If that were true, he wouldn’t bury so many stories.

More ways in which the Trump budget sucks. Here’s another. And it will bring on a massive deficit but articles on the budget ignore that’s normal for Republicans.

Senator Robert Menendez of New Jersey beat a corruption charge because court decisions have made proving corruption harder.

it seems Wikileaks was more than a little biased against the female candidate in 2016.

It took two months for the Wisconsin GOP to formally disavow anti-semite candidate Paul Nehlen.

Right-wing Christian pundit Dave Daubenmire says black Christians only call him racist because skin color matters to them more than God. Otherwise why would they have voted for the Muslim Obama like they did?

Megan McArdle has become the WaPo’s new columnist. Roy Edroso, who despises her writing as much as I do, vents. LGM looks at some of her past bullshit. If you want more examples, plug her name into my blog’s search engine.  Though Chris Christie as pundit is no improvement.

I’ve never had much use for Joe Scarborough, but he totally crushes the author whose book claims Trump is on a Christian spiritual voyage.

Ben Shapiro (again) cannot understand why black people are so excited about a movie with an almost all-black cast, so he dismisses it as identity politics. The late Dwayne McDuffie pre-emptively explains this writing about what T’Challa’s first comic book series meant to him.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has a simple way to stop Republicans losing seats in special elections: don’t hold any.



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