Rape and harassment apologists for Wednesday

A brilliant new defense of Alabama’s Roy Moore: not all women have accused him.

In an old column, the WaPo’s Richard Cohen refers to Roman Polanski “seducing” the 13 year old he raped.

Mike Cernovich, the Pizzagate conspiracy theorist, is also a rape apologist who says date rape is a myth, because it’s impossible to rape a woman without using force [edited because I misstated his point]. And date rapists can’t use force because—?

With all this in mind, No More Mr. Nice Blog gives the clearest explanation of why even when Repubs side with predator Republicans like Roy Moore, Al Franken resigning is the right thing.

I’d also like to acknowledge Canada’s National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Toward Women, a response to Marc Lepine gunning down 14 women attending a school he wanted to attend because they were (he believed) feminists and therefore deserved to die

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