Jesus and Ayn Rand are not the same person

But some conservatives keep insisting that objectivism’s belief in survival of the fittest is completely compatible with Christian tenets of mercy and sympathy for the poor and downtrodden. The Conservative Bible Project, for instance, wants to translate (or “wanted to” — I don’t know if that particular crusade is still active) all Jesus parables in ways that show he was really talking about the importance of the free market. Short answer: no he wasn’t; for a long answer, find a blogger better at theology than I am. One such blogger, Rachel Held Evans catches right-wing pundit Erick Erickson arguing that the Bible tells us charity is strictly an individual responsibility, not something for government. Evans points out that’s bullshit.

Certainly right-wing economist Stephen Moore has no trouble worrying about anyone but himself. He’s celebrating that the tax bill hurts education, hurts unions, hurts state government’s abilities to raise taxes or provide services — in short, hurts everyone but the rich. That it makes class divisions more firm (the rich stay rich, the lower classes will find it harder to rise) is, I’m sure, part of it, though Moore doesn’t mention that. And Paul Ryan, lying as usual, declares that cracking down on high-tax states punishes the states that “take” from the low-tax states that prop up the country economically. Nope. Apparently both Ryan and Moore are excited about turning all 50 states into Kansas.

Yet another man exposed as a sexual harasser, specifically Rep. John Conyers, who’s resigning from office. The Root asks if Conyers, a black man, isn’t being judged more harshly than white politicians.

The thing about all those sexual harassers like Matt Lauer, Mark Halperin and Bill O’Reilly? Their sexism helped shape the media narrative that helped elect Trump.

All the ways Republicans will make it harder for students who take out government loans.

Nixon claimed anything he did was legal. W’s attorney John Yoo claimed the president had no legal limits on his power. Now Trump’s lawyer claims that obstruction of justice charges against the president are by definition impossible. The problem isn’t just Trump, it’s Republicans. As noted here.

Roy Moore is unsurprisingly self-righteous in denouncing his critics as pure evil. Dammit, why can’t they respect a man’s need for teenage tail? As Lance Mannion notes, many conservatives love feeling persecuted. The Slacktivist blog once suggested it’s partly because the Bible was written for Israelites in exile and a persecuted Christian church. It’s much easier to imagine themselves as Israelites in bondage than realize that in the US, they’re Pharaoh. Heck, some of them think ABC reporting on Mueller’s investigation of Trump’s people makes ABC a terrorist group.

Speaking of Moore his massive sexism is another good reason not to vote for him.

Apparently Republicans rushed the tax bill through so fast, they screwed up on delivering the corporate tax breaks. Oh, and Sen. Orrin Hatch, who organized the multi-trillion dollar tax cut says the CHIP children’s health-insurance program is having trouble passing because the government has no money to spare.

All that stuff about how the only thing we can do to prevent mass shootings is pray? Totally different if the shooter is an illegal immigrant.

Every Democrat in the Senate voted against the tax bill from hell. For some left-wingers, that just proves Democrats supported it.

For something more positive to end with, Slacktivist looks at the Muslims who keep the peace at Christianity’s Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

And for something random, here’s a photo by me of a storm drain near our house.

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