Music, music, music (#SFWApro)

I love listening to music while I write.

This isn’t a universal feeling. Two of my friends say they need absolute quiet when they’re working. That’s occasionally true, but usually I’m much happier and more focused when music is playing in the background.

My typical approach is to set my iPod on album shuffle. That was musicals and carefully structured albums like Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band stay intact but I have the pleasure of not knowing exactly what I’ll be listening to next. Since the greater part of my collection came from CDs picked up at library discard-sales and used-CD stores, the selection is random: musicals, Beatles, traditional English ballads, WW II songs, some Motown, assorted artists whose CD I stumbled across.

Starting December 1, though, my listening is all Christmas. I have a little over 500 Christmas songs, which I segregate into their own playlist (the Non-Christmas playlist is what I listen to the rest of the year). The big drawback to Christmas listening is that I end up with the same songs over and over again, just by different singers. That’s why I’m very fond of The Killers’ Red — it’s their own set of Christmas songs, and they’re good.

I also like Lady Antebellum’s Christmas album because their singing is awesome. And this year I picked up Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass’ Christmas album, one of several instrumental LPs I have. The Tijuana Brass were very popular when I was a kid —  my parents had several albums — and they’re distinctive enough not to feel like just a cover of the same old songs.

Come Dec. 26, back to my non-Christmas listening.

(All rights to album cover image remain with current holder)

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