Religious scumbags, racist remarks and more political links

As a Christian, I really despise some of the right-wing shitbags who belong to my faith.

For example, megachurch pastor Andy Savage confesses to assaulting a teenager twenty years ago (confessing because she’d gone public), describing it as a sexual incident. His church stands by him and wishes his victim was on the same “path to healing” as Savage is. Trump spiritual adviser Paula White tells people to send her one month’s pay or God will punish them (this kind of scam does seem to fit with Trump’s spirituality, of course).  Religious gay-loather Matt Saver insists gay judges cannot rule fairly on any case involving Christians.

Pastor Tom Fuerst argues that preachers who don’t speak out against racism “are not teaching Jesus.” Amy Sullivan suggests, however, that’s because rightwing evangelicals have a new concept of Christianity — Fox news evangelicism. Right-wing evangelical David French’s (of the Consensual Sex Is Bad wing of Christianity) solution: stop using the word evangelical.

Deputy White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ Christianity is somehow compatible with worshipping Trump and lying her teeth off every day, but that’s still no reason (as one blogger did recently) to throw the “c-word” at her. Gendered slams aren’t acceptable just because the target is a conservative woman.

Sanders’ boss, of course, has dismissed the nonwhite world as “shithole countries.” Surprise, Republicans are not criticizing him as hard as Dems. They never will as long as he can nominate more right-wing judges and destroy government regulations and sign anything they give him. And yes, Trump’s argument is racist. As is Kansas Republican State Rep. Steve Alford’s claim the reason pot was banned in the 1930s was because blacks are genetically pot-heads. But Alford’s totally not racist, at least according to himself.

You can count on any Trump policy to comfort the comfortable and afflict the afflicted. And afflicting wildlife too.

Republican voters hate elites, but they’ve convinced themselves billionaire Trump isn’t really one.

Right-wing pundits used to dismiss Obama as some illiterate fraud reading off a teleprompter. But when Trump reads off a teleprompter, that proves he’s smart.

David Brooks, a man who believes we should just shut up and obey our leaders, and that if Republicans say they’re going to help the poor it doesn’t matter whether they actually do, unsurprisingly thinks Trump is doing a good job, it’s everyone who thinks he’s an idiot who’s at fault.

Slacktivist says the point of Oprah’s Golden Globes speech isn’t that she should be president, but that we should all be the change we want to see in the world.

Echidne reminds us that sexual harassment at work isn’t just about sex, it’s about job opportunities lost.

Trump tried to wreck the Iran nuclear deal. So far, he’s failed. Once again, we’re lucky he’s so inept.

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One response to “Religious scumbags, racist remarks and more political links

  1. If it had been Spicer in that last dust-up, I would have called him a dick. The only reason I wouldn’t have called him a “cunt” is because my male Brit friends have taken to calling each other “dumb cunts” as friendly, good-natured ribbing which is sad- to debase a very ugly sounding, derogatory word to something cheeky. There is every reason for a blogger to call Sanders what she is. Those in the press core have to remain civil. I find nothing “civil” about this administration from beginning to end.

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