Illogicon! (#SFWApro)

So last weekend, once again I was a guest at Illogicon, the local Raleigh-Durham SF con. There are others in the area, but this is the only one I’ve made yet — the timing is good (not much else going on) and it’s only 15 minutes or so up the Interstate.

I was on several panels this year including “Making Magic Real,” and “So Over That,” a panel about tropes we’re sick of (among my personal picks, disability clichés), plus a couple about the business side. In between panels I watched the cosplayers and hung with various friends including Bill Ferris, Ada Milenkovic Brown, Samantha Bryant and Gail Z. Martin. Oh, and I did a reading, heavily slanted to plugging Atlas Shagged. I caught Bill’s reading (always funny) and part of guest of honor Alyssa Wong’s before a throat tickle forced me to leave rather than disrupt things.

I picked up a number of books, some that I’d been planning on for a while (Samantha Bryant’s first Menopausal Superhero books) and some just because I was friends with the author. And of course because I have plenty of Christmas money left to buy with. I’ll talk more about the books when I get around to reviewing them. Oh, and I picked up a pair of ear-rings for TYG, to boot.

(I like this photo because it turns the hotel atrium into a kind of B&W Casablanca style set. Or so I’d like to imagine)

It was a great time, though exhausting: I rarely get that much intensive social activity in one weekend any more, and by Sunday I was drained. But totally worth it, and I’m looking forward to 2019.

Rights to all costumes and characters belong to the relevant rights-holders.

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