My first political link-post of 2018! Gasp in awe!

Vox explains why the fall of Weinstein, Franken, Keillor, Lauer, etc. without a conviction does not violate their rights. And no, it won’t be the death of flirting.

According to Trump and Breitbart backer Robert Mercer, the Civil Rights Act was bad, and things like Jim Crow and lynching just weren’t important. As noted at the link, this seems “really racist.” It’s the equivalent of the sexist argument women were better off when they were the property of their husbands and couldn’t vote. Slacktivist linked to the Mercer piece and other postcards from the culture wars.

As several bloggers have pointed out, the calls for Hilary Clinton to shut up and retire from public life have no precedent (McCain didn’t shut up, Kerry didn’t shut up, Palin didn’t shut up, Romney may replace Orrin Hatch in the Senate). Echidne looks at this some more.

When NYC Mayor Bill deBlaisio ended New York’s “stop and frisk” program (the one where police hassled black people for the crime of walking around black), conservatives predicted anarchy and apocalypse. Instead, crime rates plummeted, so right-wing pundits have an explanation: it’s not deBlasio who gets the credit, it’s Trump.

I’m pretty sure when the leader of the White House Bible study group says it’s the government’s job to punish sin, the irony of saying this while serving a lying, sexual harasser who bears false witness against his neighbor and cheats people he’s in business with escapes him. Or maybe it doesn’t and he doesn’t give a crap. Likewise Gary Bauer, religious right-winger who compares liberals to the Taliban, suddenly pretends Taliban metaphors offend him.

A survey indicates evangelicals are very pro-science. Slacktivist points out that’s because the science they believe — gay is a mental illness, the Earth is 6,000 years old, contraceptives kill babies and cause breast cancer — is wrong.

There is no bottom to the craziness of conspiracy theorists.

Orrin Hatch is retiring. He won’t be missed.

You’ve probably noticed over the past year that a lot of Republicans hate Hilary Clinton (“Lock her up!”). Here’s a golden oldie, National Review columnist John Derbyshire saying he hates Chelsea Clinton and wants to see her and her parents put to death.

Jeff Sessions has notified federal prosecutors around the country that he’s dropping an Obama policy against prosecuting legal pot. Is it just that Sessions is an antique who gets his ideas about marijuana from Reefer Madness or that he’s getting payoffs from the prison-industrial complex? Oh, and Sessions is also working hard to roll-back disability protection.

During the Obama years, conservative pundits such as David Brooks and Ross Douthat saw the deficit as the greatest threat to America’s future, so Obama better get busy gutting Social Security and Medicare and not spending on anything new. Now that the Repubs just piled up future debt via the new tax legislation, Douthat’s suddenly discovered deficits are unimportant — which I suspect will change again as soon as a Democrat gets into office. The column is an impressively piece of threading the needle in other ways, as Douthat simultaneously praises Trump (he put Gorsuch on the Supreme Court! And he’s nominating other anti-gay judges) while assuring readers he’s not totally convinced Trump won’t be a disaster down the road (apparently the past year didn’t convince him).

So apparently white nationalists are now admitting the Confederacy was about slavery.

Three of four Congressional investigations into Russian interference in US elections have decided to investigate Clinton or the Democrats instead. LGM adds more thoughts. When Trump’s gone and current Congressional Republicans denounce him, they’ll be lying — when it counted, they took his side. As do white evangelicals. Which isn’t new.

President Shit-Gibbon trying to prevent publication of a book criticizing him is a bad thing (legally it’s way more serious than suing after it came out). And as James Fallows points out, what the book says about Trump is an open secret.

Trump isn’t trying to distract us with his use of Twitter, he’s reflexively tweeting whatever’s on Fox News.

Slacktivist discusses and dismisses the idea that having freedom of religion conflicts with the ban on the government imposing religion. It doesn’t.



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