Libertarian delusions and other matters

Bryan Caplain is an excellent example of politically correct libertarianism for example asserting that women had more freedom in the 1800s than now because there were no laws restricting the free market. And the best way to create a libertarian society is to have more babies. Now he’s explained that in the age of Yelp and Angie’s List, government regulation is useless: “it’s now indisputable that reputation impels firms to treat their customers well.  When people want to buy with confidence, almost no one asks, “Does the government regulate this?”  Instead, they scrutinize the seller’s reputation.” Therefore businesses will always treat their customers well, therefore regulation is unnecessary.

Actually I suspect a lot of people, when buying food for instance, assume it’s passed government inspection. And if reputation is all, why is Comcast not only imposing data caps but not tracking data usage accurately? Not to mention its other dubious actions. Answer: It’s big and powerful enough and customers have almost no choice in providers, so why give a shit?

•For that matter why would Martin Shkreli have risked his company’s reputation by jacking up a life-saving drug’s price by a factor of 50? On the bright side, Shkreli’s been arrested for an unrelated security-law violation (more here).

•To say nothing of how debt collection agencies hound consumers in (alleged in this case) violation of the law or used forced arbitration agreements with the original creditor to shield themselves from liability for their actions.

•Here’s what you get if you’re president of New York University.

•Arizona Senator Sylvia Allen has been appointed to the education committee despite being a creationist and believer in the chemtrail conspiracy. And thinks maybe church service should be mandatory.

•We wouldn’t have gay mariage if not for birth control, according to Baptist theocrat Al Mohler. Of course Mohler openly admits he hates erotic liberty, so there you are.

•I’ve heard before that women pay more than men for the same stuff. The details at the link confirm it.

•Another day, another cop shoots another innocent person.

•Republican pols hate appeasement and love tough talk—but when Trump talks tough, they’re willing to appease him.



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