Christmas Weekend (#SFWApro)

First off, I’m feeling really good, but still holding back on talking much (or trying to). I’ll be attending Illogicon in a couple of weeks, so I need to have my voice for panels.

The inability to chat with people aside, Christmas weekend was good. We woke up on the 25th, I made German apple pancake, we opened gifts while distracting the dogs with dried bull pizzles (it’s like crack for them, I swear). Mine included assorted tasty treats, a T-shirt, gift cards and of course, books (see below. All rights to cover image with current owner).


I spent the rest of the day relaxing, TYG began preparation for her annual alumni party. It’s a big deal to host (the bonds of the old school tie and all that) so she started cleaning Friday afternoon (she gave me permission to goof off until Saturday). Saturday I made toffee bars and hummus (I got rave reviews for the hummus—I think it’s because I go triple-strength on the garlic), joined in the cleaning, and with TYG took the pups to the vet to board (it was really hard to work with them constantly getting underfoot to investigate).

The party was fun. I know a lot of the people who showed and enjoyed talking—or at least miming and texting—with them. We got them out by midnight, cleaned up, then got up this morning and finished the cleaning. Then a Thai brunch with some of the alums, now we’ve picked up the dogs again.

I feel exhausted, but happy.

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