The villainy of Comcast and other links

Comcast compares data caps on Internet use to using a utility—the more you use, the more you pay. But as Consumerist points out, you’re paying for the right to use X amount of data, not for actually using it: if you use less, you won’t pay less. Other problems with Comcast’s theory at the link. Oh, and municipal broadband can deliver top-flight speeds for less.

Meanwhile Comcast in California, according to a legal complaint filed there, has been dumping hazardous waste and trashing documents containing customer personal data without shredding first. Oh, and here’s Comcast accepting a $400 payment, not recording it and reporting it to credit bureaus. Result? 215 points off the customer’s credit score.

•A surprising number of nasty riders didn’t make it into the new spending bill. And a bill allowing you to opt out of online tracking hits the Senate. The Senate has also passed a bill banning gag clauses that forbid customers posting unfavorable online reviews.

•We can’t get antibiotics without a prescription. Farm animals, though

•A professor claims the Sandy Hook school shooting never happened—why the school’s been closed since 2008! As noted in the comments at the link, that means not only the parents of the supposed dead kids (one couple says the professor has demanded proof their son exists), it would require all the other people with kids there, and who live in the neighborhood, and who work on the school board, be in on it.

•Marco Rubio thinks we need bomb control, not gun control. But of course bombs are, in fact, tightly regulated.

•Through the vagaries of used-car sales, a plumbing company’s truck wound up as an ISIS vehicle. As the Ford dealership which promised to remove the plumbers’ logo didn’t do so, the public backlash has not been good.

•The significance of a new Supreme Court Case on counting only voters, not residents,when drawing Congressional districts.

•What Muslims are today, Catholics were in 1915.

•Contrary to Justice Antonin Scalia, affirmative action students do fine at demanding, high-quality schools.

•How easy is it to pay a researcher under the table to write against climate change? Very.

•Daniel Hotzclaw, who used his status as a cop to abuse and rape women, is found guilty.

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