Roy Moore lost. My jaw is dropping.

Because I would have bet money Moore’s Bible thumping, racism and sexism would put him across. In fact I did bet TYG money ($5) and I’m delighted to pay up.

I’ve heard arguments Moore’s extreme positions, like thinking America would be better off if we eliminated every amendment but the Bill of Rights (goodbye women’s suffrage, ending slavery) and believing that the last time America was great was during slavery, would be crippling for the Republican Party (or left-wing arguments Jones isn’t liberal enough so there’s no reason for liberals to prefer him to Moore). But I think the effect of mainstreaming someone as extreme and evil as Moore would be worse. Losing to Doug Jones is a good thing for America. And a good sign for Democrats, because even though the race involved some lucky breaks, if we can win in Alabama …

That said, I doubt Moore will fade from the scene. As a judge, he was removed from office twice and re-elected. Even if Alabama’s done with him, he can play Christian martyr for the rest of his life and be lionized by true believers (right-winger Dave Daubenmire has already stated the way Moore should have handled the underage-girls issue was to lie for Jesus). And as I’ve mentioned before, it’s not just Moore and Trump, there’s a whole cesspool that needs cleaning. Other Christian supremacist bigots are planning to run. Right wingers Carl Gallups and Mike Shoesmith who believe women who dress too sexy are guilty of sexual assault, and that the recent charges of sexual assault and harassment are just part of a plot for women to nag their way into power.

Then we have recently removed Congressman Trent Franks, a right-wing mess even without asking employees to become surrogate mothers for him. Or the guy who thinks vaccines make people gay. Or more whiny white people insisting that a continent settled first by Native Americans, then by Hispanics somehow qualifies as a white homeland. It’s as absurd as Moore’s delusion the US is supposed to be a Christian theocracy. Or the Treasury’s tax analysis which lies about tax cuts. Or the elected official who thinks being patted on the arm by another man is a gay come-on. Or right-wing terrorists who want a jury of Trump voters.

But despite all that … Jones won. The better people of Alabama won. We all won. The Washington Post gets kudos for its reportage on the sex scandals, and the woman who were brave enough to come forward get more.

It isn’t the beginning of the end, and I don’t know that it’s the end of the beginning, but it’s a very big deal.

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