More idiocy, plus some evil

Last week I tackled right-wing stupidity. This week more stupidity, plus some evil. Decide for yourself which is which. As you can see, even Plush Dog is upset by these people.

A city employee in Austin refuses to meet with female coworkers because he doesn’t think it’s appropriate for a married man to meet single women, even for business. And other men, elsewhere, doing it.

Anyone who thinks Republicans really believe in leaving things to the states as a principle, rather than when it benefits them. Case in point, allowing concealed-carry permit holders to pack heat in another concealed-carry state without a permit. Or to ban abortions nationwide after 20 weeks instead of just leaving it to the states.

Oxycontin makers who pushed the pills despite the risks of addiction and death.

The Trump Administration has a new way to kill Obamacare: cutting the enrollment period.

Congress let funding for CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program) run out while obsessing over Obamacare.

The attacks on San Juan’s mayor for criticizing President Shit-Gibbon. More here.

The “you can’t regulate evil” argument against gun control.

The determination of some political writers that Republicans aren’t worse than Democrats.

Any political pundits who think Trump is ever going to be a unifying figure.

The senator who says food and shelter are privileges. I’m used to arguments that they’re not rights, but privileges? Lance Manion dissects this further.

Wells Fargo for claiming it’s okay to block customer lawsuits over those thousands of fake accounts and force them into arbitration because they’ll never screw up like that again.

Pat Robertson, who spat venom at Clinton and Obama for years, has now decided things like the Las Vegas shooter can be blamed on our disrespect for the president. This epiphany will last until we get a new Democratic president (should Robertson live that long) at which point Robertson will revert to venom. We also have Sen. James Inhofe, who once said the US deserved 9/11 (insufficient support for Israel) blaming it on the existence of sanctuary cities for illegal immigrants.

Catholic bishops who think that HPV vaccinations are bad because they reduce the reasons not to have sex.  Given the church loves sanctifying women who die to save their virtue, this isn’t that surprising.

A writer who thinks brunch, once a classy elegant event, has been destroyed by hedonistic twentysomethings who should get jobs as plumbers. Dude, I think brunch stopped being classy when they began offering it at Denny’s.

US surveillance helps Ethiopa crack down on dissidents.

Azerbaijan cracks down on gays.

Armed groups enslaving and raping women in the Central African Republic.

Harvey Weinstein, who allegedly successfully covered up his abuse of women for years, and the various journalists who enabled him. And of course right-wing pundits pretending this is a unique liberal problem. John Scalzi adds more. No More Mr. Nice Blog points out Rupert Murdoch’s tabloids were more interested in slamming Weinstein’s victims than exposing him.

Everyone at Breitbart for their work normalizing white supremacy. And non-alt.right reporters who helped. And academics who helped.

The Trump administration for ruling that any employer who claims a moral objection to providing birth control coverage in their employee insurance can drop it. As I’ve pointed out before, it’s always the women’s health that shouldn’t be covered — no suggestion that they can cut off any other coverage. And it’s more evil as it’s unlikely Trump himself has any passionate conviction to corporations having religious rights. Good for California for suing to stop this shit.

Cops who rape, and media that slut-shame the victim.

And let’s not forget that our president literally claims he’s a genius.

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