Let idiocy rain down like water

For starters Sen. Lindsay Graham who led the latest Obamacare repeal effort while admitting he knew nothing about the issues beyond Obamacare = Satan. But he really had fun working on taking away health care from millions, so it’ s not like he’s an evil person or anything.

Slacktivist looks at the long list of stupid statements by birther and probably future Alabama Senator Roy Moore.

David Brooks once again explains how something other than Republican racism gave us Trump — in this case, Trump voters are rejecting meritocracy. (Brooks thinks meritocracy is inferior to rule by a hereditary conservative elite)

But that’s actually smarter than the guy who blames it on liberal women who won’t date conservatives. I get the impression the poor author is feeling alone and unloved. I do not feel sorry for him.

Various rightwingers who warn us that the football protests are good news for Trump and that the players should try some quiet form of protest that doesn’t upset people (more from Northier Than Thou and The Mary Sue).

Arizona has wasted millions defending stupid anti-abortion laws.

The constant claims from the media that Hilary Clinton should retire from public life. As noted at the link, it’s not a standard imposed on anyone else: nobody’s complaining theocrat and forced-birther Rick Santorum should have shut up instead of helping write Graham’s healthcare bill.

Republican women insist there are no women’s issues, so feminism is irrelevant. Let’s focus on the important stuff like building the border wall, giving rich people tax cuts and repealing Obamacare instead!

For some idiocy from the left, LGM’s Erik Loomis argues that people who believe in God should logically be willing to fight religious wars and persecute heretics. I’d respond to this, but the comments at the link do it thoroughly.

Pundits who think Trump is sui generis rather than deeply rooted in the GOP’s brand of white male resentment.

Ben Domenech at The Federalist applauding the late Hugh Hefner as a champion of homophobia because Playboy proves that men and women are physically made for each other — it’s Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve! Which is a bad argument under any circumstances, but worse given Hefner was actually pro-gay rights.

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