I survived the nightmare needle! (#SFWApro)

Had my root canal Wednesday. Not as bad as I’d feared: our dentist said I’d come in well before it abscessed, which is when things get seriously nasty. Other than injecting the Novocaine needle into my palate (that hurt!) there was only one moment of pain. Doc knows her stuff.

I have a temporary crown and I’ll go back in two weeks for the finished version. I will have to avoid crunching hard things on that side of my mouth.

As this was my first root canal, I expected much worse. I’m sure glad I have insurance though. But barring me cracking it biting into granola, it looks like I’m in the clear.

To celebrate, let’s look at some covers involving sex! First one by Bob Maguire that I suspect focused more on the “sex” than on a serious study of paganism.

Next an uncredited image for A. Merritt’s thriller — which is not have anywhere near as lurid as the cover implies.

And this one, playing on the perennial fantasy of the hot secretary. Whose outfit seems er, very casual Friday?

Rights to all covers remain with the current holders.


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4 responses to “I survived the nightmare needle! (#SFWApro)

  1. Ouch, Fraser. Glad you’re past the root canal and on the road to recovery!

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