Women of specfic: the early years (#SFWApro)

•I’ve read before that SF and fantasy seem to forget all the past generations of women writers. Case in point. The article looks at how many women writers were around in the pulps, and no, not all hiding their identity behind initials or pseudonyms. Although I’m unconvinced by the argument this was a feminist ploy to repress women who were too fond of old-school women-get-married-and-have-babies narratives.

Princess Diaries author Meg Cabot writes about how seeing Princess Leia on screen changed her life and why princesses are cool heroes (“In every one of those stories, those princesses get that power taken from them. But in the end, they get that power back—something that almost never happens to us normal girls.”)

And that’s it for today, as yesterday’s root canal has disrupted my schedule. However below we have the cover from one female SF writer of the Golden Age (cover by Allen Anderson, all rights remain with current holder), Leigh Brackett.


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