Strangling in the arms of Morpheus (#SFWApro)

Sleep and I were strangers this week.

Monday morning, I always wake up early.

Tuesday morning I woke up early because TYG had rolled across the bed and into me (she never wakes up. She’s a much sounder sleeper than me).

Wednesday morning we got a very early morning phone call that could have waited until after daybreak.

Thursday Trixie decided she wanted to go out. Didn’t need to go out, just wanted to.

So by Wednesday I was slowing down. Thursday I just ground to a halt after lunch.

Despite which I did complete my next Screen Rant, 15 characters whose origins have never been explained. This was a surprisingly tough one, as there are very few characters left who don’t have an origin. And some of the ones I picked did have explanations, it’s just they were subsequently retconned away. But I think that’s a forgivable fudge.

The Phantom Stranger (the original rather than the New 52 version) is one who’s never been definitively explained, although there have been lots of suggestions, hints and possible origins (the New 52 version did have an origin. Trust me, he’s better without one). The image (all rights remain with current holder) is by Jim Aparo, who will always be the definitive Phantom Stranger artist for me.

I finished 7,000 words on Southern Discomfort which was my quota for the week. I’d have been happy to complete more but if I keep up that pace I’ll have this draft done by month’s end. It’s not going as fast or as smooth as it did at the end of May, but it is going. I’m definitely veering further into Terra incognita more, but this the point at which my previous draft was really struggling, so that’s not surprising. A lot of it’ll have to be heavily fixed, but I think I’m generating some ideas I can use.

And that was pretty much it. Plans for work on short stories didn’t pan out, due to the sleep-deficit slump. Still, as long as Southern Discomforts moves ahead, I’m entitled to feel satisfied.

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