It’s puppies all the way down (#SFWApro)

So earlier this month, we learned canine flu had broken out in the area. Not a lot of it but we went in to get the dogs vaccinated on Saturday. However it will take another shot and two weeks waiting after that before they have whatever protection it gives them. So we decided no doggy day care this month, just in case.  Which means a solid month of no-break dog parenting for me (unless TYG can contrive to work from home a couple of days).

Much as I love them, it’s proving a little stressful. More so because TYG work demands have her staying out late, and going in on weekends. Which means more time as solo dog parent. Up above you can see me positioning the computer so that I can work around Plushie having my lap.

This causes a variety of minor inconveniences, like Trixie sometimes staring at me reproachfully when I cook — why I’ve been away from her fifteen minutes or more! What did she do that makes me neglect her? Silly stuff, but my puppy’s stare easily fills me with guilt.

I know, first world problems. And when things get stressed, petting them does ease some of that. So soft. And so loving. They’re worth it.

But I must confess I’ll be glad when I get some time off again.

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