Assorted political venting, starting with Trump’s dictatorial fantasies.

Trump speaks the truth! The reason he hasn’t accomplished more is at least partly the Constitution and its checks and balances — the judicial power to block his deportations, the need for Congress to roll back Obamacare and to vote on a budget, etc. The trouble is, President Shit-Gibbon thinks that’s a bad thing, “It’s an archaic system … It’s really a bad thing for the country.”  No, it’s not. It’s what keeps the president — not just Trump, not just white supremacists, but any president — from riding roughshod over the rest of us.

And as I’ve discussed before, a lot of Republican voters are right there with Trump. They’d love a dictator as long as he had an R by his name; back during the W years, one of the things that drove Republicans to outrage was that liberals questioned Bush! Disagreed with him! Refused to support his policies! Which is exactly the same as wanting terrorist to rape American children! (I’m sure they’re fine with a woman who laughed at Jeff Sessions getting prosecuted for it And convicted).

Of course the same people turned around and spent the Obama years refusing to support his policies, cheering on Republicans whose over-riding goal (by their own words) was to make him a one-term president, celebrating Limbaugh for saying “I hope he fails.” And they apparently don’t see any contrast. After all, they still tell themselves they have the moral high ground.

And sexism invariably goes hand-in-hand with authoritarian conservatism. As witness Trump appointing a lying forced-birther to manage the DOH population-planning grants (and here’s another forced-birther appointment). Or a post by a neo-Nazi on publicly shaming women (who are too fat, dating across the color line, etc.) — which he assures readers will turn them on and make them beg to carry your children.

•Speaking of sex discrimination, a Texas court has ruled that even though a new mother’s employer harassed her about breastfeeding, that’s not sex discrimination because men can lactate.

•Chechen police are threatening parents with gay kids: kill your children or we’ll kill them for you.

•Ivanka Trump wants you to know she feels really, really bad about Trump’s “pussy-grabbing” speech. As noted at the link, it doesn’t seem to inspire her to do anything about Daddy’s loathsome ways.

•A new bill would not only end net neutrality, it would ban the FCC from ever doing it again.

•To end on an up note: we can still fight and win (Democrats scored several victories in the recent budget negotiations. No wonder Trump wants to be a dictator).

•Students at a college run by Laureate Education claim the company stripped the school’s assets, ensuring it’s closure, but kept enrolling students.

•Yes, the forced-birth movement does intend to prosecute women who get abortions. They’re already doing it. More here.

•Vox explains why hiring climate-change denialist Bret Stephens for the NYT editorial page gives added status to someone whose views don’t deserve it. And who conveniently fudges them to fit his new gig (instead of Climate Change is Bull it’s now Sure, It’s Probably Real, But Not Definitely) LGM explains why the NYT can’t claim free speech as a defense.

•Speaking of lying, Consumerist shreds Verizon’s arguments for why net neutrality is bad.

•Wells Fargo shareholders says the bank went and collected day laborers from convenience stores to pressure them into signing up for accounts — then adding more unwanted accounts without the workers’ consent.

•Remember how Flint pumped lead-tainted water to its citizens? Residents are being billed for it, even though they can’t drink it.

•Digby looks at how bad the health-care bill is (particularly for women). But the right-wing media is doing its best to keep Republicans thinking it’s awesome. And Health Secretary Tom Price’s strategy is similarly to lie like hell.

•Trump’s right that a good deal could have stopped the Civil War — but only by preserving slavery. I’m sure he’d have been down with that.

•Here’s a shocker, no outrage from the religious right at Bill O’Reilly’s alleged sexual harassment. Funny, when conservatives complain Christians are too wimpy to stand up for what’s right, they don’t mean standing against abuse.

•White paranoia about genocide.

•Monsanto may have ghost written a report finding its pesticide was safe.

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