So I had a good weekend after all (#SFWApro)

Since blogging about Trixie’s illness and our canceling our Greenville trip to stay with her, I’m pleased to report things have gone well. Trixie crapped a big poop out around noonish on Friday so her system is back to normal. TYG and I are a little frustrated there was nothing obviously to blame in her stool (a big wad of grass, some pantyhose, etc.) but we can live with that (I felt the poop through the plastic of our poop bag, no direct touching. Thanks for asking). As you can see, she’s back to grappling with Plushie when the mood strikes her.

I’d figured the weekend would be miserable — TYG would be stuck dealing with a work emergency, I’d be moping — but it was actually quite nice. We caught Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, played some games of Chronology (I won. Probably because she had a mimosa and I didn’t), and went bicycling together for the first time in probably a year. As TYG always pushes a little harder than me, we wound up doing 90 minutes, maybe a little more. It’s been longer than a year since I went that far up the trail.

Plus I found a bread recipe that uses tomato paste for part of the liquid and it was almost exactly the amount of leftover paste I had in the fridge. I made the bread Sunday and it’s delicious (spicing includes paprika, pepper and garlic salt).

Don’t get me wrong, I’d have preferred Greenville. I don’t see my pre-Durham friends anywhere as often as I’d like. But I really did have a good time staying here.

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