In the age of Trump, I can always lead my link posts with sexism

Of course that’s true in most ages. And it’s not just Trump — it’s important to remember that while other Repubs may not brag as much about grabbing women, they’re not passing women-friendly policies. In Mississippi, a committee blocked a bill that would have allowed spousal abuse as a grounds for divorce, because that would lead to more divorce. A bill in Texas (same link) would allow doctors to lie to a pregnant patient about the fetus’s health so she won’t think about aborting it. Over in Colorado, Republicans have shut off funding for a program that makes it affordable for low-income women and teens to use IUDs and other birth-control devices. The program has successfully reduced abortion rates and teen birth rates but of course it makes it easier for women to have sex without consequences, so there you are. Melinda Gates, however, stresses how important controlling pregnancy can be to a woman’s life.

•But let’s remember, Trump can always make it worse. AG Jeff Sessions is very anti-choice and extremist pro-violent abortion groups hope to make the most of it. Bible-thumping right-winger Jerry Falwell Jr. is now leading an education task force and wants colleges to stop handling sexual assault complaints. Of course, nothing stops a woman reporting assault to the college and the police  —but I have a strange feeling Falwell isn’t going to be pushing police to deal with rape allegations more effectively.

•Women wearing white pantsuits to Trump’s State of the Union speech in support of Clinton? The important thing is their bad fashion sense, according to one Republican. I can just imagine their reaction if Clinton had worn a wig like Trump’s.

•So a female actor criticized a reporter for calling Melania Trump a hooker. Slate says defending Melania ignores her role in Trump’s ultra-sexist administration. Gotta say I disagree with Slate — it’s always a good thing to call out sexist slurs, even directed at horrible people.

•Sterling Jewelers has been accused of turning a blind eye to sexual harassment.

•Kansas Republican Roger Marshall opposes the medicaid expansion under ACA because “the poor will be with you always.” At the link, Slacktivist explains how Marshall is completely getting Jesus wrong.

•Rebecca Traister looks at how The Handmaid’s Tale holds up 30 years later. She includes quotes from one reviewer about how absurd said reviewer found a future in which the US and Russia aren’t at each other’s throats and right-wing fundamentalists have vast power in government.

•A North Dakota Republican says repealing blue laws would be bad, because women should make their husbands breakfast in bed instead of shopping.

•No we are not drowning in illegal immigrants — the levels are a lot lower than a few years back.

The Future That Liberals Want. Imagine that, people just … sitting there. Not bothering anyone. Not bothering anyone else. Sounds good to me (and reminiscent of the segregationist insistence in White Flight that all your public spaces belong to us).

•While Trump has gotten more criticism from the press than W did at this point, many reporters gushed over the state of the union speech. And while Sen. John McCain may talk tough about Trump’s conduct, one writer predicts he won’t back it up with deeds.

•Creationist Ken Ham claims pre-Flood humans were far advanced — but even his imaginary museum displays don’t show it.

•Charles Pierce says Trump supporters should just accept they deserve the flak they’re getting. Nevertheless, one campus libertarian complains it’s harder to be right-wing/libertarian than gay in college. Why, when he invited Milo Yiannopoulis to speak, he actually got criticized!

•AG Sessions wants to crack down on pot. Nevertheless, a new bill has been introduced to end the federal ban on marijuana.

•A Tibetan soccer team has been told it can’t get visas for the US. Gotta watch those infamous Tibetan terrorists, right?

•Trump has announced his intention to publicize crimes committed by immigrants. Presumably because they involve foreigners killing Americans whereas Americans shooting foreigners is A-OK with him.

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