Radicalizing white guys online (and other links)

We hear a lot about how Muslims are radicalized online, but a Vox article says the same is true of “alt right” radicalizing white guys for the white supremacist movement: lonely guys looking for bonding and support (e.g., “incels” or “involuntary celibates”) are introduced first to online misogyny, then into white supremacy. Though even if they stop at misogyny, that’s horrifying enough: just check out We Hunted the Mammoth, with its ongoing chronicle of rants from the online misogynist world, for example fantasies that when the economy collapses under Trump, it will be great for men, as it will restore patriarchy and force women back into their 1950s roles. A post from Atomic Junk Shop discusses some of the underlying frustrations that can push men that way.

•Trump’s election is radicalizing men in a different way: he’s proof they can get away with it. Check out the douchebag quoted in this Echidne post, who brags that after Trump’s election, he knows he can rape a woman and get away with it. You can find more examples in this list of harassment incidents (race, religion, gender, orientation) from the first ten days after the election. Trump, of course, assures us he’s completely shocked and has no idea why so many harassers are invoking his name.

•Amanda Robb argues that Robert Dear, the Colorado Planned Parenthood shooter, was radicalized by the right, but because he’s white and Christian we don’t see it.

•Roy Edroso looks at the general idiocy of the right-wing post-election, including the ongoing claims that Trump won the popular vote. Oh, and there’s a batshit claim that the Central Park Five —whom Trump insists are guilty, despite DNA evidence — haven’t really been exonerated just because the system dropped the charges, vacated the sentences and set them free.

•Susan Faludi looks at how the racist far-right has presented itself in Hungary.

•So the mother of white supremacist Richard Spencer claims her real-estate business has tanked due to backlash over her son’s policies. One neo-Nazi website’s solution: take action against the Jews! Which is the sort of thing that encourages Jews in America to join forces with Muslims.

•The LA Times apologizes for printing letters defending the Japanese internment. (if you want some research on that topic, check here).

•In the US we face a fight over putting any women on our money. In Canada, the issue is not having more than one.

•Late astronaut and senator John Glenn was ahead of the curve in another way, supporting women of color at NASA.

•With no other way to reach her husband, a woman tries serving divorce papers on Facebook.

•Fake news sites make money through ads. Unfortunately it’s not so easy to shut down the money spigot.

•Human Rights Watch calls on Trump to show his claimed respect for women by supporting women’s rights.

•A driver in Arizona pulls over when his friend in another car is stopped by cops. Cops arrest the driver (who wasn’t stopped) for not showing them his license when asked. A court rules the driver was right, but an appeals court found for the cops, on the grounds they could reasonably assume they were entitled to see the license. Fortunately there’s no way any cop could abuse that kind of legal principle …

•Trump attorney general nominee Jeff Sessions is virulently anti-marijuana. Nevertheless, the legal pot industry is hoping he won’t bother them if they don’t annoy him.

•Echidne on why Trump ignoring the norms of politics is a bad thing.

•Joy. Continuing Trump’s preference for clueless inexperienced people, he’s picked Larry Kudlow as chief economic adviser. As Jonathan Chait details, Kudlow is a fanatical believer in tax cuts for the rich, whose predictions on the economy (Clinton’s tax hikes will ruin us! Bush’s tax cuts will boost the economy! The housing bubble is a myth!) are invariably wrong.

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