We three kings of Leicester Square: Christmas Day! (#SFWApro)


(My new ornament, courtesy of TYG. A kettle. Very appropriate)

The post title refers to a song from my childhood, to the tune of “We Three Kings”:

“We three kings of Leicester Square/Selling ladies’ underwear/How fantastic, no elastic/Selling at tuppence a pair.”

Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.

img_1028So Christmas Day came today (duuuuh!) and it was good.

TYG and I snuggled for a chunk of the early morning, which did require some maneuvering around the pups. Then we went down, opened one present each, then she took them walkies. After she got back, I made my perennial Christmas breakfast, German apple pancake. Very sweet and tasty, not recommended if you’re at all worried about eating butter, eggs or dairy.

Then the unwrapping. My presents included an iTunes gift card, a DVD of a play my bro was in (The Drowsy Chaperone—as I’ve heard it’s awesome, I look forward to seeing it), a couple of books, a movie gift card, some cash from Dad and assorted food (Marmite, and McVittie’s chocolate digestives. It’s a world of win. Unless you put Marmite on the digestives, which would be that)

I gave TYG banana bread (home-made), some tchotchkes she had on her Amazon wish list, and I gave her leprosy. ROFL, it’s a book on the subject, following up on giving her syphilis, rabies and cancer for previous Christmases. I also bought her some scented bath crystals. She loves those.

After the gifts, another Christmas tradition, watching A Christmas Story (1984). As this must be what Darren McGavin is primarily known for now, I wonder what millenials would make of seeing him in the 1970s horror films Night Stalker and Night Strangler (and the series that followed)? Regardless, the film is always a pleasure (“You used up all the glue in the house—on purpose!”).

And since then it’s mostly been relaxing, reading, listening to one of the albums I bought with the gift card … making dinner, too, but it was an easy one, a rice, tomato and bean salad.

Thinking of the many years I spent Christmas morning alone (there was always someone to invite me to Christmas dinner), I feel very grateful for my wonderful TYG and our adorable pups. I hope y’all are having a happy day too. Merry Christmas.

The usual Monday political post will appear tomorrow.

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