Fun stuff about indexing (#SFWApro)

First, let me note that the index and the proofs did indeed go out Monday, as planned. And although proofing and indexing was necessary drudgery, I now feel up to mentioning the fun side.

The thing about indexing is that it brings together lots of facts that I might not otherwise register, particularly about actors. Jason O’Mara, for example, is in both Terra Nova and the American Life on Mars. Catherine Hicks appears as Mark Harmon’s wife in For All Time, but she shows up as the wife and girlfriend in several other movies, including one I really like, Running Against Time. Malcolm McDowell is in Time After Time, of course, but he’s also in the 2012 Philadelphia Experiment remake, Just Visiting, Star Trek Generations and a couple of others. Kevin McKidd of Journeyman (which I wasn’t able to see, but remember well) plays alt.Batman in Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox. Christopher Plummer has supporting roles in 12 Monkeys, The Lake House and Somewhere in Time. Second Doctor Patrick Troughton (below in The War Games, all rights to image with current holder) is also in the kids’ film A Hitch in Time and in one adaptation of Box of Delights. Voice actor Yuri Lowenthal seems to be in everything. The same is true of a lot of Japanese voice actors, but I’m too busy obsessing over getting the names right (because I don’t register “that spelling can’t be right” the way I can with English names) to really notice. Though Riisa Naka, who stars in the 2006 anime Girl Who Leapt Through Time also appears in the sequel Time Traveler — The Girl Who Leapt Through Time.


And then there are the odd numerical patterns. A movie that I reference on p.26 and then give the film credits on p.226. Or 27 and 217. I know perfectly well such patterns have no significance, but at the same time a part of my mind goes OMG every time. It makes me appreciate how easily we can fool ourselves into seeing omens or destinies that aren’t there.

Despite all those little wonderful details, I’m quite happy to be done with it.

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