Which path do I choose? (#SFWApro)

I didn’t anticipate finishing the latest draft of Southern Discomforts would leave me so flummoxed?

Since I finished Now and Then We Time Travel, my tale of elves in a small Georgia town has been my primary top-priority project. Combine them and I’ve had a Do This First project dominating my time for around 2.5 years. And before that I had my Demand Media articles, which took up quite a bit of time because they were a steady-paying gig.

Now, though, I’m done with time travel until I get the galleys back from McFarland. And I won’t resume work on Southern Discomforts until after New Year’s (that will give me time to digest the feedback from next month’s critique session). And my mind seems to be fritzing over which project should be top priority next?

1004560_10204616247502130_1245694977156814236_n(Art by Kirby, inks by Ditko. Not only a good metaphor for finding the path, I think it’s a neat cover. All rights with current holder)

Martinis, Girls and Guns is the one I’ve worked on most this week, but I don’t want to set aside all my fiction until it’s finished. I hate it when I have to set aside fiction, and as MGG is a self-published project, I don’t.

Should I resume work on a different novel? Which one? Or maybe lots of short stories? Should I concentrate on writing some paying articles for a bit?

Fortunately I haven’t let my uncertainty paralyze me. I got in a full week of work (or I will have by end of day) so I can afford some navel-gazing. And perhaps by the time I start next week, my navel will have answered.

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