Falling below the mean again (#SFWApro)

As I’ve mentioned multiple times in the past, the nature of average means that sooner or later I’ll have a week where my performance is below average. Case in point, the last week.

lap-dog2Monday morning was foreshadowing. When I got up, Trixie once again followed me down but instead of curling up and going to sleep, she decided to sit right next to—or under me—while I was trying to do exercises and stretching (“When you’re ready to hug me, I’m right here, Daddy!”)!  This didn’t go well (though I admit it’s adorable to watch). Then Plushie decided he was going to start being a lap dog, literally. Again, very cute and quite sweet, but it’s not easy to work my computer around him. Sometimes it’s quite a strain on my back and hips to let him in while twisting to work on my laptop (you can see the lap desk left of the Plush One). Unfortunately I’m too soft to firmly discourage him, at least as long as I can make a go of it.

And then in the evening TYG and I found ourselves having some technical troubles with our text messaging. As that’s most of our communication when she’s out of the house. Getting that unkinked took a while.

Tuesday morning I had a dental appointment (looks like it was just passing pain from something that got lodged down in my gum—yay!) and before that I took the car in for a minor fix. As the latter took only a few minutes and left me with lots of time before the appointment I headed to a nearby coffee shop (TYG was home with the puppies) and settled in for some tea, a scone and a book. I’ve got to admit, it felt really good ducking out my responsibilities for a bit. I should find ways to do it more often.

After I got back from the dentist, I topped ducking out by taking the day off rather than trying to focus—one of my goals this month was to take one work-day off every month to take a break, plan, do extra cleaning, whatever. This day off was a mix of cleaning, reading, relaxing and then watching Goke, Bodysnatcher From Hell streaming (review tomorrow). I think I needed it. Even with the break I felt a little off the rest of the week. But I have the weekend ahead, some social activities planned, and plenty of time to relax before Monday.

Now as to the actual work done—and yes, I did get some done despite the uncertainty I mentioned this morning:

Martinis, Girls and Guns is almost completely written. It would be complete except I’m reading another book on the series and it’s given me a couple of added ideas. Then comes spell-checking, formatting and a cover and it should be done by the end of November.

•I printed out A Famine Where Abundance Lies and read it aloud, the final check for any story. I only made a couple of minor edits, then I submitted it. I sent off three other, older stories, but I also got A Many-Splendored Thing back.

•I did a little work on Trouble and Glass.

Mostly, though, it was the Bond book. I had wanted to do more fiction, but it feels really good having it so far along.

Next week is going to be very crazy. I’ll save the details for another time though.

All rights to image are mine. Please credit me if you use it.

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