Sturm and a stomach-ache! (#SFWApro)

plush head

(Plush Dog in a quiet moment)

Like I said this morning, my first post today was angst, this one is sturm. Specifically a thunderstorm that hit Monday afternoon. By this point in the day, Plush Dog had already had to deal with our yard guy’s crew doing heavy trimming of the bushes by the house, which was doubly alarming (STRANGERS! and LOUD NOISES!) so when the thunderstorm (MORE LOUD NOISES!) hit, he lost his complete shit. After he made persistent efforts to climb onto my lap desk, I finally gave up and let him settle on my lap like he wanted. That brought peace, but it rendered me unable to work for the next 90 minutes.

Wednesday came the stomach ache. After writing group Tuesday, we’d all gone out as usual, and I’d indulged in a chocolate dessert; this for some reason triggered a heartburn that was still with me much of Wednesday. Didn’t give me much incentive to work, but as it woke me up early it sort of balanced out.

Thursday I discovered that taking a big break late in the day (I needed to cook something with grapes; as those are bad for dogs, I did it while they were still in daycare) can convince my mind that the day is already over. It did not kick into writing gear again.

Today accumulated bad nights of sleep caught up with me. I got my next And column in and worked some on rewriting Oh the Places You’ll See, that was about it.

Otherwise my accomplishments include:

•I redrafted A Famine Where Abundances Lies.

I read the second chapter of Southern Discomforts to my writing group and got enthusiastic (and helpful) feedback.

•I got the first 4,000 words of Good Morning Starshine‘s new draft down.

•I fixed some problems with the opening of the portal fantasy I mentioned last Friday, but I’m still stuck with not knowing what’s on the far side of the portal.

•Unfortunately I haven’t resolved my problems with the ending of Southern Discomfort. I got a couple of thousand words done, but I think I may need to rewrite most of it. My gut says it’s gone wrong, and I’ve learned the feeling is usually correct.

•I got quite a bit done on the text of Martinis, Girls and Guns.

And due to waking up early and a somewhat odd schedule today, I’m now done.

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