A fabulous weekend, followed by … (#SFWApro)

Last weekend was great. I honestly don’t know why, but I just seemed to relax. Read, watched movies, went to a vegan potluck with TYG and didn’t stress out about anything.

The week was not that great, but it was reasonably productive. Wednesday my brain just sort of balked, but Thursday when the dogs were at day care I made up for it. So let’s overview some of my current projects:

Southern Discomfort has hit problems, though nothing unsolvable. Maria’s starting to slide into passivity again, and the FBI agents, conversely, are looking too good. The FBI has been a morally compromised mess for much of its history, and making them completely heroic runs against the reality, particularly in a story involving the murder of a black politician (under Hoover, the agency worked against the civil-rights movement for years). A third problem is that several supporting characters have their own arcs but I can’t seem to work the resolution in. Overall the finish looks stronger than the previous couple of drafts, but some of the other changes will make my original plan for taking down Gwalchmai, unworkable. I’m not sure what I’ll come up with instead.

•As I said last week, Good Morning Starshine really does look good for something only a couple of drafts along. And it’s light and fun, and I finally got the protagonist the way I want him (a would-be careerist who can’t quite bury the better angels of his nature). So I’m working on an outline, after which I’ll put the next draft in gear. It feels right.


A Famine Where Abundance Lies (title courtesy of Shakespeare’s sonnets, image courtesy of azquotes) is shaping up very well. The protagonist is finally taking action—it won’t help her, but at least she has some agency.

•The protagonist of It’s Never Jam Today, however, is still just stuck being the plaything of the plot. Which may reflect that it’s about how Luck influences our lives … still, he (or she, I’ve swung back and forth) needs to try harder, even if like Hannah in Famine, it’s ultimately futile.

•I took a look at Oh the Places You’ll Go, which I put aside during my work on Now and Then We Time Travel, and there’s a lot I like. It’s definitely a character story, though, a kind of fantasy version of The Turning Point (1970s film about two former friends who meet again long after choosing different paths); the big challenge is capturing their feelings about the road not taken and figuring out exactly what their resolution should be. But I’m confident I’ll get there.

•I finished the index to Now and Then, though I still need to go through and clip out all the duplicate entries (Malcolm McDowell is in a lot of time-travel films).

I now have about an hour of research reading to do, then I’ll see if this weekend is as much fun as the last.

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