The horror! The horror! (#SFWApro)

That was Trixie’s reaction a couple of nights this week to our putting a pee pad on the floor of the bedroom (she’d had a couple of accidents). She woke up in the middle of the night, saw the Abominable White Thing lurking on the floor and began barking frantically to warn us. Need I say I didn’t get back to sleep? Fortunately the accidents have stopped so we can put the pads out of sight again.

That coupled with one night out late with the writer’s group, one night of Plushie positioning himself where I couldn’t sleep well, plus one night of just poor sleep (summer is my most insomniac time) have left me pretty zonked today. So after I finish this, I’ll probably do research reading—creative work seems beyond me.

Fortunately I was only going to work a few hours today anyway. It’s hitting 90 degrees at noon so the lunchtime dog walks are very short. That’s giving me more time in the day to work so even with a doctor’s checkup on Tuesday I came out ahead on time. Though I’ll be happy when the temperature drops again.

•Work on Southern Discomfort went well, and I’m on track to get my 2o,000 words done for the month.

•I rewrote A Famine Where Abundance Lies and it’s definitely becoming closer to a real story. I did some thinking this morning about another short, It’s Never Jam Today, but while my insights were sound, tiredness made actually rewriting it a no go.

•I sent out two of the stories that came back while TYG and I were on vacation.

•I reread my most recent draft of Good Morning Starshine and despite the problems I mentioned a couple of weeks back, I really liked it—way more than I usually do an unfinished draft. So now I have to fix what I don’t like and keep what I do—something I’ll discuss in a post soon.

•I have most of my next And column done, but I may not get to it until Monday due to the above-mentioned sleep deprivation.

•I rewatched Thunderball and worked on the text of Martinis, Girls and Guns.

Looking ahead, I’m realizing that as we’ll probably skip Dragoncon this year, I won’t have much to disrupt my work schedule for the next few months. So it’s about time to start looking for more paying gigs again. We’ll see how that goes.

And now I’ll leave you with a photo from our trip to the North Carolina Museum of Art last weekend. I think Rodin captures my exhaustion well.


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