Journalism, copyright and other writing links (#SFWApro)

The LA Times and Chicago Tribune have been struggling ever since Sam Zell bought them a decade ago (which is a long story). The new bright idea to fix thing: more video reporting.

Layoffs at the International Business Times. Apparently it’s hoping to outsource some of the jobs to India.

•A Ford dealership explains it’s new ad art can’t possibly have violated copyright because it took it from a DMCA-compliant website. As noted at the link, this does not mean “everything on the site is free for use.”

•Mike Huckabee used “eye of the tiger” in a campaign rally. Survivor sued. Huckabee settled for $25,000.

•Xbox fitness users will lose the right to stream fitness videos when Microsoft phases the program out — even videos they’ve paid to own.

•Gail Z. Martin on PTSD in fantasy, and why we should probably see it more often.

•At LGM, Steven Attewell looks at Marvel’s X-men and the mutant as metaphor. As he points out, while mutants are usually interpreted as a race/gay metaphor, Lee and Kirby in the early years seem to treat them as a kind of Red Menace, an enemy lurking among us and plotting to take over (a topic I tackle, though not in relation to the X-Men, in Screen Enemies of the American Way). And in a later Sentinels plotline by Roy Thomas and Neal Adams, the anti-mutant forces are equated with McCarthyism. At the same time, the metaphor is flexible enough that it can bend without breaking to include more explicit racial analogies. Another variation on the theme in a later Attewell column. As Kurt Busiek says, superhumans are an extremely flexible metaphor.

•Here’s an example of er, creative use of history: Nazis invoked Sherman’s march as a warning to occupied Europe what to expect when the Allies landed.

•As it becomes easier for media and social media to follow explorers and adventurers in real-time does that short-change adventurers who are poor with social media?

•Goodreads offers lessons from a romance-writers convention.

•I’m not really bothered if legal dramas don’t get every point accurate. But when a major part of your storyline is a big trial, as in this season’s Daredevil, it’s worth getting your facts right—which the story doesn’t.

Regency-era insults.

•I frequently don’t ask questions like what my female characters carry in their purses.

•Never try to sound hip in your writing when you’re uncool.

•Just a reminder that my collection Philosophy and Fairytales is now on sale for 99 cents! The Earth may crumble into ruin before you see a price this low again (please note that this phrasing is purely for poetry and not a legally binding statement that I will not, in fact, offer another price cut prior to Earth’s ruin).

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