White working-class voters, the Republican platform and other political links

The Daily Beast points out that white working-class voters who support Trump aren’t going to change any time soon. As noted in the article, for years Democrats have been trying to recapture those voters by going soft on say, race or religion or emphasizing how much better Dems are for the economy, but it doesn’t work because race is a major factor (and I’d add gender to that). This is actually a subset of an old argument that If Only X Would Realize How My Party Serves Their Interests They’d Switch. It never works.

•I almost have respect for Republicans never giving an inch no matter how unpopular their policies are. Except the policies they invoke are just vile: still anti-gay marriage, anti-abortion, anti-women in combat, plus new stuff like building the border wall. And while they condemn Isis, the drafters (at least at this point) have decided against condemning attacks on LBGT people (which ties in with my point this article). Echidne points out how much the Republican theocrats have in common with ISIS. Digby notices that Trump’s bigotry and warmongering are less objectionable to Paul Ryan than Clinton winning.

•Congress is getting closer to outlawing gag clauses that say you can’t write a negative review of a business. However the fast-tracking bill banning Vermont’s GMO-labeling rules has a lot of drawbacks.

•Penn State and its liability insurer are fighting in court over whether the insurer has to cover the college’s losses over the settlements paid out in the Jerry Sandusky abuse case. One thing that turned up in the documents: allegations of abuse going as far back as 1976. As someone says at the link, Penn State looks so bad, the insurance company is the good guy.

•Pokemon Go collects all your Google data while you play.

•Right-wingers continue insisting that unlike liberals, only they understand the Real Americans.

•No, police don’t always have to gun down men with guns. An old post from Digby, but obviously pertinent.

•Megan McArdle’s theory on why it’s okay for the Republican Party to ignore voters and reject Trump: the system already allows for appointments without voter input (appointed, non-elected judges for instance) so picking the candidate regardless of voter input is perfectly reasonable. The difference between “setting rules that say certain positions are not subject to vote” and “changing the rules when the voters pick wrong” escapes her, presumably because it ruins her thesis.

•Kansas Governor Sam Brownback continues running the state even further into the ground. To the point even Kansas Republicans are angry.

•The financial struggles of American law schools.

•SLAPP lawsuits (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation) are a tactic businesses use to intimidate the public: someone speaks up at city hall about a new development, the developer sues them for slander, restraint of trade, whatever. At the link, an overview of the legal issues and defenses involved. For one example, a nursing home SLAPPed a couple for sharing criticism of the home with the couple’s attorney.

•Sexism from politicians around the world. Putin makes full use of sexism in his own politics. And here’s some choice quotes from Trump.

Bigots celebrate Brexit. Though as noted at the link, they’d be just as bigoted and angry at foreigners if they’d lost.

•At LGM, Erik Loomis argues that even though videorecordings of police violence haven’t stopped it, they’re changing the response. Which is probably why North Carolina has now decreed that police body-cam footage is only available if the cops approve. More information on the NC law from CNN.

•Immigrant domestic workers in Oman often suffer imprisonment, abuse and wage theft.

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