Trump, his supporters, and other links

Kevin Williamson of National Review thinks the anger of Trump’s supporters has nothing to do with the economy tanking or life being hard, it’s all about poor whites being pond scum who don’t deserve our sympathy (apparently Trump has shaken right-wingers out of insisting small town folk are real Americans). Particularly noteworthy is that Williamson sneers at women “whelping of human children with all the respect and wisdom of a stray dog” but also thinks women should face the death penalty if they abort (and that anyone who needs government help to obtain birth control coverage is too stupid to vote). So presumably like David Brooks he thinks poor women should keep their knees pressed together forever. Roy Edroso has some extra thoughts on Williamson, and others making the same point. And I touched on similar topics in one And column.

•What Trump voters believed before they started supporting Trump. One writer suggests the reason so much racial resentment has come to a head is the visible symbolism of a black president. And that they want an authoritarian government when dealing with people who are not them. Digby suggests part of the problem is not race or economics but political institutions: Trump’s pushing beyond what used to be acceptable but there’s not enough pushing back.

•Trump’s campaign manager allegedly knocked down a reporter, then apologized later because he thought she was with the “liberal media” when she’s actually working for a right-wing website. Trump’s campaign denies it ever happened (there’s evidence it did) and the reporter has quit after her bosses failed to back her up.

•David Brooks thinks voting for Trump or Cruz is like picking up a woman when you have drunk goggles on. But as noted at the link, there’s not that much difference between how ugly their politics are. Camille Paglia meanwhile babbles about how Trump is good because he’s shaking things up and a “can-do businessman” even though he’s more like a can’t-do guy.

•If you aren’t willing to stand against bigotry, change the subject to abortion. And no, I don’t think abortion qualifies as a hate crime.

•Right-winger Ben Shapiro thinks minorities and women wanting a safe space is identical to Jim Crow segregation. As noted in the comments, Jim Crow was about separate spaces: they weren’t safe (Rosa Parks was in the “colored” section on the bus when she was told to move) and nobody calling for safe spaces thinks that should entitle whites/males to exclude them from other spaces.

•Consumerist on why you can’t sue your phone company.

•Bitcoin has run into problems.

•There never was a golden age when we had more liberty than today. I’ve linked to this before, but it’s good—and as I generally dismiss libertarians, it’s worth giving credit when I agree with one.

•The government’s currently pushing Apple to provide access to encrypted iPhones. Will FB’s WhatsApp be next? And here are some of the latest arguments in the Apple case.

•What do online privacy policies really say? And if you’re wondering why it matters, here’s a look at what you can learn from just the apps people download. So maybe it’s a good thing the FCC is considering rules to restrict what information Internet-providers can share without your consent.

•In Papuan New Guinea women who abort their fetus can go to jail. In the UAE, tweeting about your business associates can send you to prison.

•We’ve bombed and killed 150 people in Somalia, but why?

•Biotech companies disagree on how much genetic data to share publicly.

•Tests show human beings will follow a robot to safety in an emergency, even if it’s previously been shown to be incompetent.

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