Goal Types (#SFWApro)

When I make it my 101 in 1001 list, or yearly goals or monthly goals, they come in two broad categories:

•One time goals. Specific things like “ask the vet about X” or “complete one redraft of Schloss and the Switchblade.”

•Habits. Things I want to do regularly, consistently, but won’t unless I remind myself. For example, “exercise five times a week” or “do something outside the house during the workweek” (I sometimes feel that sitting with the dogs all day makes me see myself as housebound; requiring myself to get out shows I’m not). If any of these things actually become habits, where I don’t have to remind myself, I stop listing them.

For example, one of my 101 goals was to cook slightly less. Not that I’m tired of it, but I tend to cook as if TYG ate three regular meals a day just like me, when her schedule is much more erratic, and includes lunches out, business dinners, or cooking impromptu pasta when she has a craving for it. Which is fine, except that if I cook too much, it becomes an effort to use it all up. I hate throwing food out; one of the deepest lessons burned into me by years of living on tight budgets is Don’t Waste Food. So the simple solution is to think realistically about how much we’re going to eat and plan based on that. Three months in, that seems to be working, so it’s not going in my monthly goal list any more.

Other goals of this sort stay on from month to month because they just don’t become habitual. At my age, my skin needs sunscreen when I walk the dogs, but I’m really bad about saying “oh, I’m in a hurry, they’re eager, I’ll just skip it.” Not good. So every month, “use sunscreen” goes on the list.

I’m not sure that’s of use to anyone, but there it is.

7263126For something more entertaining, here’s the Ballantine Adult Fantasy cover for G.K. Chesterton’s The Man Who Was Thursday (Gervasio Gallardo art, all rights to current holder). I love the oddly eerie look it has—it suits the phantasmagorical novel (which I just read over the weekend, review to come) well. I only wish I had this edition.


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