The time of Janus: Yesterday I looked back, now I look forward (#SFWApro)

janus_1So once again I’m kicking off the New Year with a list of 101 goals for the next 1,001 days. I’ve done it before and it works better for me than a New Year’s resolution. So I have 101 things to try completing before Sept. 28, 2018.

I’ve learned from previous attempts at this. I usually put multiple writing goals that I know I can’t complete all of, because I figure that will push me—and I’m not sure which story/novel/project I will manage to complete. This year I’m scaling down—fewer goals and at least in theory manageable. The only novel-length projects I’m listing (besides Time Travel on Screen of course) are Southern Discomforts (to be finished) and Brain From Outer Space (either I finally have a usable draft or I give up).

I’ve also got goals involving my social life (more events, visits to my family, visits to friends, work on a stage play), my work week (get out of the house more during Monday-Friday), reading (finish reading John LeCarre’s books), exercise (I want to bike all the way to the trail head in Raleigh again—we haven’t done it since we got the dogs) and assorted other things.

Then I translated that into goals for 2016. I find it a little funny that given I had only 20 or so goals for 2015 and did almost none of them, I have almost double the number of goals this year. But for some reason, it feels right (we’ll see). And a slightly longer list for January, because it includes things I don’t bother putting on annual lists, like getting estimated taxes in.

Like most people who make resolutions, I feel a sunny optimism about my future accomplishments and how many goals I will knock off. And after this past month’s sickness, I’m really rarin’ to be up and at ’em.

Wish me luck …

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