Fast Away the Old Year Passes (#SFWApro)

Unsurprisingly, due to the whole being sick thing, my goals accomplished for this month were, let’s see, maybe 22 percent.

I’m a little more disappointed that for the year it’s roughly 18 percent. Time Travel on Screen just ate up more time than I had anticipated. And yes, taking care of the dogs was often a sizable chunk of time too.

Despite which there’s stuff to be happy about. I did get a lot of work done on the time-travel book. I saw three short stories published and sold a fourth. I finally got back into steady article queries to various magazine markets, even if I didn’t sell any. I kept up my end of the household budget despite Demand Media stopping the writing assignments. And I’m no longer doing Demand Media, which, while it’s nerve-wracking, is kind of encouraging too—time for something new.

The sourest note regarding writing was Barbarian Books going belly up before they could bring out Questionable Minds. So I’m still not a published novelist, which I was anticipating this year. I know I should take pride that someone wanted it to publish, but in my heart it feels more like “so close, yet so far!”

On the personal side, I finally made it back home to Florida for the first time since our wedding. I’m still married—not that I had any doubts I would be, but it took me a long time to find TYG, so I still get a kick out of it. And the pups, despite the work, are still a joy. And I’m very happy that Plushie got to spend the whole year without back problems putting him back on crate rest (relieved too—when the day comes, I think it’ll be less fun than the first time, which was no fun at all).

And there were the usual stuff—friends, cuddling, movies, jokes, food, Mensa AG, reading. Nothing special, but all nice.

Goals for 2016 tomorrow.




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4 responses to “Fast Away the Old Year Passes (#SFWApro)

  1. I was gutted last year when Eggplant Literary Productions shut down before publishing my book–it’s not a good feeling.

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