The importance of taking breaks (#SFWApro)

The past week or two, I’ve been getting very sloppy about taking breaks.

Breaks are important, at least for me. Stand up, relieve the strain on my body from endless sitting between dogs. Refresh my brain rather than working on writing for X hours straight. I schedule them into my day, but I keep forgetting to take them.

After all, I’m watching TV. That’s fun, even if it’s work. And getting up to take a break when watching, say, an hour-long show, I’m conscious of taking time away from work in a way I’m not when writing fiction—the show just gives me much more of a time marker than “work one hour o a short story.”

But no-breaks fries my brain, even when the work is fun. It’s tiring. Breaks clear my head. They also help me take care of all the little things, like cleaning, getting trash out, playing with pups, etc.—that need to be done during the day. Although at the moment I can’t do a lot of things, like training the dogs, because they involve speaking and that’s still a no-go.

So tomorrow, I’ll make myself take breaks at the time I set them. Then work on keeping it up come the new year.

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