101 in 1,001

You may already know about the concept of 101 things in 1,001 days, an alternative approach to New Year’s resolutions.
I heard about it a couple of years back (it’s been around several years longer, I now know) from a friend who announced she was doing it. Since TYG entering my life had rendered my standard New Year’s resolution obsolete (to find love—had that one for a looooong time), I thought I’d give it a try. I actually had quite a struggle to think of things, but by late January I’d cobbled together a list (I later added a half-dozen items to it at the start of 2010).
As of today, I’m roughly 50 percent finished. Some I anticipate completing (marrying TYG, recertifying for CPR); some I know I won’t (many of the 100 items I planned to sell on eBay stayed behind in FWB when I moved—and I can’t see putting in 100 hours of volunteer time by Sept. 27, 2011); some are up in the air (multiple short stories I still want to finish; taking a course in basic first aid).
And this week I’m going over my list for 2011-2013. The requirements:
•Goals must be realistically attainable, even if a bit of a stretch.
•Goals must not be stuff I already do: Paying off my credit cards every month is a good goal, but I’ve been doing that several years now (ever since a massive work bonus enabled me to wipe out the balances).
•Goals must be measurable. Attending one social event a month is better than “spend time with people in Durham” as an earlier draft put it. The exception being my goal to contribute to the wedding planning and preparation—TYG will be my guide to whether I’m pulling my weight on that or not.
My original set of goals included writing 15 short stories (almost there), finishing several specific shorts (doable) and finishing Brain From Outer Space (iffy at this point). It also included lots of personal stuff with TYG, health-related goals, activities (cook 150 new dishes—done) and odds and ends (read the Bible; read my complete HP Lovecraft volume—first one done, second halfway through).
For the new set, I’m trying not to carry over a lot of items (other than the wedding—that’s big enough to be on both lists). If it’s still reasonably possible to finish an item (the short stories, for instance), keeping it on the old list puts pressure on me to finish it up before the end of September.
I thought that might leave me a few items short, but I came up with goals much more easily this year. Some are TYG related (I want us to play more boardgames—fortunately, she likes the idea), some related to reading (finishing the big millenial edition of Keep Watching the Skies) and quite a few writing goals (it’s becoming too easy to let eHows take time away from fiction—that needs to change). I’ll probably post at least the writing goals some time next week; I keep tinkering and revising the list, so I won’t go into detail before then.


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