I passed a gallstone—no, wait, it was a milestone (#SFWApro)

The media-viewing part of Time Travel on Screen is done.

Okay, not exactly. I’ll be checking out some TV episodes and watching more of a couple of series to confirm my research (plus series such as DC’S LEGENDS OF TOMORROW), but it’s going to be a minor part of the next two weeks’ work. Instead I’ll be all about a final draft, proofing names, checking that everything in the text is reflected in the movie credits section, adding footnotes, etc., etc.

It feels really weird to not be looking at a mountain of viewing the rest of this month. Time travel TV and film have dominated my working day for probably the past year (before that it was a large part of the day but not dominant). Thinking of spending my work day mostly writing, maybe even with the TV off most of the time… wow. And as a minor side effect, it’ll give me some idea what my schedule’s going to be like after the book goes off and I have no more viewing to do.

I feel extremely pleased.

Oh, and I got an assignment from a small RPG company to work on one of their system-free modules (i.e., it’s designed to give you a good set-up but as adaptable to your game as possible). More details to follow.

And that’s pretty much it. A satisfying week, albeit not exciting.

Below, one of Powers’ eerie SF covers (I have the book, I remember it being fun, too).  All rights to the image with current holders.


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