Sad puppies, Christmas failures and other writing links (#SFWApro)

So last year, the group of specfic writers known as the Sad Puppies tried pushing a slate of writers in the Hugo Award with the stated goal of pushing back against the politicization of specfic which (as I’ve blogged about before) is supposedly ruining the genre. Now they’re back with new leadership and a new campaign; Jim Hines looks at Sad Puppies IV and speculates it may turn out to be a less heavy-handed process. Time will tell. You can find Hines’ critique of previous campaigns at his blog.

Jingle-O the Brownie, a Christmas character who vanished into obscurity (yes, it can happen).

•Charlie Jane Anders says when mixing genres, success comes from thinking of the characters’ perspectives, not the genre elements.

•Foz Meadows looks at diversity’s relationship to good stories.

•One reason writers don’t attend more cons.

•A look at what passed for smut 50 years ago. Interestingly, I’m not the only person who now associates James Kilpatrick primarily with his Saturday Night Live parody (“Jane, you ignorant slut!”).

•If you’re working from home with dogs, here’s some suggestions on keeping them busy. I intend to start employing some of these.

•Possible questions to ask to get to know your characters.

•Foz Meadows on why male-male bonding is so often the strongest relationship in a TV show.

•To inspire yourself, imagine what the reviews of your book will say.


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