Assorted political links

Rush Limbaugh argues that blaming Planned Parenthood for last year’s terrorist attack is what the left should be doing. At the link, Digby explains why he’s wrong. I’ll add that the most prominent “America deserved it” critics were conservatives: Sen. James Inhofe, Pat Robertson and the late, loathsome Jerry Falwell.

•Yes, the CIA uses torture.

•Burundi cracks down on free speech.

•Ted Cruz insists Republican opposition to birth control doesn’t exist. It’s probably noteworthy the type of birth control he offers as proof is condoms rather than anything that women use. But of course if women make that decision themselves, that makes them slutty sluts in the eyes of many religious conservatives.

•Not only are all terrorists not Muslim, plenty of people who aren’t Muslim believe in violent insurgency — i.e., a good chunk of the American right.

•Yes, it does matter who becomes president.

•David Brooks insists Ted Cruz does not share the values of Christian conservatives. David Brooks is wrong.

•The United States doesn’t have the absolute world supremacy it did 25 years ago. But that’s okay—it’s more to do with the circumstances of the 1990s (collapse of Russia, China much less powerful or fincially successful than now) than some fundamental weakness.

•A medical report says cities are safer than the country. Homicide is less frequent in rural areas, but the rate of accidental death is a good deal higher.

•Tyler Cowan, internet authoritarian libertarian, argues that there’s a direct link between Americans having a lot of guns and Americans being willing to fight in the military and be the world’s policeman. So if you’re anti-gun and pro-intervention, therefore you’re logically contradictory. At the link (including the comments) much discussion why this doesn’t add up (countries can be interventionist without a gun culture; the Swiss aren’t interventionist but have lots of private gun ownership).

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